What is included? 

  • Consultation and advice
  • Mastering processes including EQ, compression and limiting Noise reduction, click removal and stereo enhancement
  • Compilation, starts, fades and levels [Full album only]
  • PQ encoding   [Full album only]
  • ISRC* code insertion
  • Error checked production master CD
  • Reference copy CD

*ISRC codes identify your recording and can be obtained from IFPI 




We've based our prices on what is affordable for the home musician and how many tracks you require to be mastered.


Track qty Price 
1 - 2 £35 per track
3 - 5 £90
6 - 12 £150
Full album with compilation, starts, fades and levels £230




Our philosophy is that you only pay when you are happy with the results. Our approach is to provide you with a free sample of the mastered track for you to listen to and then provide the complete mastered CD or file(s) on receipt of payment.







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