Formats & Techincal


We can work from any of the following formats:

  • AIFF, WAV, Mp3 (16bit 44.1 kHz – 24bit 192 kHz)

How would we like to receive your final mix?

  • 24bit 44.1 kHz is the preferred resolution and sample rate.
  • Data format CD/DVD not audio (although audio is acceptable)

Try and forget about loudness while you’re mixing, make sure you get all the instruments and so on sounding the way you intend them to and make sure they sit well in the mix giving each other space and allowing for dynamic movement. Overall loudness should be left to the mastering stage as if pushed hard in the mixing stage there is little that can be done in the mastering stage to rescue a 'squashed' mix.

Try and keep -3dB of headroom on the loudest sections, don’t use mix compression and no limiting please !.

Turn up your monitors to give yourself or others the loudness you require and don’t be tempted just for loudness sake to compress or limit.



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