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Try these other samples to see the effects of Mastering.

Note these are Mp3s and so have added copmpression

Mastering is not just about loudness - but getting the right level is important for the final CD to play correclty on media players and to ensure that high quality copying reproduction can be achieved.

The figures below show the effect of compression and limiting - gaining a  track sounding full or punchy.



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Sylvia - cause of you

Little Thief - Can't take you anywhere

Curfew - Take your Mama out

(full track)



Darklight - a classical piece recorded via MIDI keyboard and VST plugins.  Listen to instrument clarity and richness

Try listening to the 2 samples above by clicking on the images. In the pre-mastering file see if you can hear the individual instruments - especially at the lower frequency ranges where the kick drum and Bass sit. Now listen to the mastered version - it's louder - but ignoring that -  you should be able to hear the Kick and Bass much clearer as they have been given more space.