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We've done a lot of work with artists recording at a local studio ranging from up and coming bands in the Brit-Pop genre; Rock and Roll Bands, and musicians doings covers for the sheer fun of it all. Currently working on some HipHop material and who knows what next ?    Below you will find some examples of who we've worked with, the expectations and outcomes! 



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Little Thief

4 piece Band who are enjoying success playing their own compositions at live venues in Bedfordshire wanted a recording that was representative of the live sound to use as a demo CD with a view to attracting record labels.

In this instance we Recorded and Mixed Little Thief using the facilities at Custom Studios. The result was Mastered at Audio-Mastering

The band got airplay by Steve Lemacq on Radio 1  and an approach by Parlaphone A&R.

- Watch this space! -


4 piece Rock'n'Roll guitar band playing live wanted a studio recording that was representative of the live sound to use as a demo CD.

Recorded and Mixed at Custom Studios by Roger Banks, the result was Mastered at Audio-Mastering


Recorded by Roger Banks at Custom Studios and at xxx studio in Australia , the result was Re-Mixed & Mastered at  Audio-Mastering.


9 piece Blues Band playing at major corporate functions. Live recrding made at the Ministry of Sound in London - Mastered at Audio-Mastering