Audio-Mastering is set up to provide an opportunity for musicians to get their recordings taken from performance to CD quality product.


For the home recording musician, the ability and resources to objectively create a final Mix and then a Master is difficult and some might say impossible. Better then to handover to someone else, who can apply the techniques - maybe even the magic - to get the best out of your performance.

On this site you will find our approach, what we can do for you and what you can expect as a result.


A Quick Guide


Recording:- capturing the performance


Mixing: - working with each part of the performance (instrument / voice etc.) and blending them so that each contribution can be heard, each has space and so that the result is balanced.


Mastering: - taking the mixed track, correcting any problems, checking tonal balance, 'feel', applying noise reduction (Hum & Hiss), adjustng levels of volume and track 'loudness' and and finally polishing it to ensure that it sounds great when played on any type of media from HiFi to BoomBox.


Although we are targetting our services to the home recording market and smaller recording studios, we are happy to receive enquiries from anyone interested in an independant set of ears !


Hope you enjoy the website !


Bob Goodwin 


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